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Ricky Paul 

Multi Award Winner 

The fertile farmlands of Tallulah, Louisiana, provided Paul E. Puckett ("Ricky Paul Multi Award Winner") with a lifelong affection for natures beauty, and the love of God. Between the early days of singing in the fields, at school events, and at Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church, his anointing set his path for Spiritual Growth and a personal mission to spread God's word. He has been working hard in his music ministry for 30 plus years and counting. Today, God's anointing has gifted him not only as a Vocal Recording Artist, but also Songwriter, Playwright, Poet, Executive Producer, Actor, Author, and Philanthropist. Currently, Ricky Paul is a Christian TV host for Around God's Throne on All Nations TV Network. His literary contribution to Christian ministry, titled Collection of Songs Inspired by God, was released December 2020.

He received on November 11, 2023, the Soaring High Award, from East Texas Gospel Music Professionals (ETGMP), Chandler, TX, thanking him for his willingness to support the mission of the ETGMP, and willingness to improve his craft.  Also, received a plaque for 30 plus years of Faithfulness & Dedication to his music ministries, from 2959 Publishing LLC, Hillsboro, TX.  


He was nominated for numerous gospel music awards and is the winner of the 2023 Prayze Factor Awards, Atlanta, GA, Alternative Solo Artist of the Year, 2023 Texas Gospel Music Excellence Award (TGMEA), Houston, TX, Texas Male Soloist of the Year, 2022 Prayze Factor Awards, Atlanta, GA, Songwriter of the Year and Album (Just A Country Boy) of the Year. 2022 Film Festival & Media Summit, Poolville, TX, Best Music Video: "Just A Country Boy" and Best Honoring Fathers Film: "Miss My Daddy" Video. 2021 Gospel Choice Music Award, Atlanta, GA, for Video Project of the Year for “Living My Life for Christ”. He is now leading a movement to bring Soulful Country Gospel music out of the shadows and into the mainstream.

As a soulful country gospel recording artist, Ricky Paul’s passion for ministry shows itself as he shares the Word of God, prays, and sings praises to God with the residents and staff of several nursing homes in his hometown and throughout the county. He loves to worship God in song because God has truly blessed him as he celebrates his 12th year as a post-liver transplant and cancer survivor. He cannot help but share his awesome testimony wherever he goes.


He lives with his wife and biggest supporter, Diana, in Hillsboro, TX. He and his wife have traveled 30 plus years spreading the gospel through song affecting the lives of many through worship.


My music is my way of loving on God, His way of soothing my soul; my way of thanking Him for what He has done, His way of easing my pain; my way to show my gratefulness, His way of giving me peace; my way of praising His holy name, His way of inhabiting my praise. I hope you enjoy the praise, the worship, and receiving the message from the songs. Be blessed in the Lord.

Gospel Singers

Gospel Singers With a Love For Jesus Can Bring Life Back to Your Ministry.


If you have been looking for ways to inspire your congregation, consider hiring a guest gospel singer one Sunday. Ricky Paul Puckett is a talented singer, songwriter, actor, troubadour and worship leader. He is a man who lives life to the fullest by fulfilling his calling. He says that he does not sing, so much as worship. Regardless of how he describes it, his voice is pure and his talent is plain when he opens his mouth or puts pen to paper.

Great gospel singers have a few things in common, talent, passion, and faith. You can see all of these things apparently in the songs written by Ricky Paul Puckett and in each of his live performances. He has many talents and shares them with the people around him. Schedule him one Sunday, Wednesday, for part of your summer or spring revivals this year, or as part of your next gospel music festival to enjoy one of Texas' great gospel singers of our time. Ricky Paul has sung on his own as lead at venues and as part of larger line-ups. He does not mind not being the headliner, but he can carry the event if needed as well.

His music is available through his CD King of Kings, on his website, and on YouTube. Check out his own written songs and marvel at his ability to turn a phrase. He is a poet, singer, and lover of Jesus and you can clearly see it and feel it in his ministry and his music alike. Your congregation, family reunion guests, school, nursing home residents, or park venue will all be pleased with your booking choice after hearing his songs and feeling his enthusiasm for the music and the message alike.

Gospel Hymns

Gospel Hymns Still Call The Spirit, Like in Days of Old.


This modern world is full of things that make many of us shake our heads, and the internet can connect us to both the great and the awful. But many things still make us bow our heads in wonder. The technology that can spread knowledge can also help share the spirit through gospel hymns, sung with care for the Savior. Musicians who bear their heart and soul in their music and lyrics can be found and enjoyed at the click of a button. This is a small yet great miracle of the modern world. The internet is as good or as bad as what we use if for, and YouTube Gospel is one of the best ways to use your time online.

Youtube Gospel hymns by Ricky Paul Puckett offer a variety of ways to hear the message of love. Search his name, then subscribe to his page for updates on new releases and live shows. Ricky Paul does much for his community including concerts where children are welcome and shows for nursing communities. He loves praising the King of Kings through music and action and his community is better for his actions. If you want to hear a true musician, one who writes his own songs, music, and who performs them with passion as an act of worship to his creator then check out Ricky Paul Puckett today. He can be booked for concerts and live performances for your event, or you can check back often on his web page to find out where he can be seen next for a live performance.

Country Gospel Songs

Country Gospel Songs May Be Just What You Needed To Lift Your Spirits Today.  Give Ricky Paul's music a listen.


Ricky Paul Puckett writes and performs country gospel songs that pull at the heartstrings, remind you of home and family, and show examples of God's love. You can find his Youtube Gospel Videos on his website and on Youtube. He is an example of an artist who uses his talent to showcase the love that Jesus Christ has for all of us. He does not just write and sing his songs on Youtube, although he does release great Youtube Gospel videos, he also performs them live to inspire people in his community to feel the love of Jesus.

His song, Mamma Knew How To Pray tells the story of a mom who cares enough about her children to take moments out of her day to talk to the Lord about them. Any parent with faith knows how vital this seemingly small act is in the lives of those children. Ricky Paul Puckett's song is gaining momentum across his Texas fan base and nationally because of his easy to understand concepts and easy to enjoy country gospel sound that brings to mind simpler times. His song, Broken Pieces is moving on an emotional level because it speaks to anyone who has felt like they are broken by something in their life and it shows faith because its main message is that the Lord can heal and repair that hurt and brokenness in us all. The song is moving on so many levels. He has many other songs and continues to work in the music ministry because he feels the spirit when performing and those who hear his music sense the truth in his lyrics.

If you want to enjoy his country gospel songs or other Youtube gospel videos check out his channel and you will find your spirit uplifted after a day of enjoying quality soul-enriching music by an artist who uses his God-given talent for good.

Worship Music

Are You In Search of Worship Music From the Heart?


New worship songs can reflect the needs of the world we live in today. Ricky Paul Puckett has released songs about growing up on a farm, missing Daddy, a praying Mother, faith in hard times, faith in good times, and many others. Many of his songs are upbeat and cheer your spirits. All of his songs are enjoyable. Check out his worship songs on YouTube and on his website. Keep up to date on the latest live appearances he will be singing at to really enjoy his skill for songwriting and singing in person. His personality is full of energy and love for the King of Kings and his music is catchy and full of the same love.



You can book Ricky Paul Puckett to perform at your church or event, but be sure to schedule soon as his year fills up fast. He spreads the message of the love of Jesus to all those in his community who care to hear his music, he shares his worship music on YouTube, and on his website, and he enjoys helping people learn more of our Savior's love every day. His CD is available to purchase if you want to enjoy his uplifting and moving music while in your car or while you go about your day. Worship music can turn a dreary day into a more colorful one where you know you are the son or daughter of the living king. Sometimes we all need to be reminded of this and worship music is a great way to bring the spirit of the Bible and church into your life at any time.

Jesus Shirts

Quality Jesus Shirts Can Share Your Faith, Everywhere You Go.


Do you love a good gospel song to uplift your day? Gospel music is a great way to share your faith and to have a mini church meeting in your car so you can have the uplifting power of the love of God with you as you go about your errands. Many kids will attest that one of their fondest memories growing up is listening to their Mother clean the house on Saturday while blaring gospel music, even though at the time they scoffed. There is just something about simple worship while going about daily life that is pure and there is no easier way than to turn on some good gospel music and let the spirit in, and to begin the day or week with a clean house and mind. Walking with Christ does not have to be formal, it can be as easy as that.



In addition to enjoying great uplifting music in your daily life, you can showcase your faith with quality Jesus Shirts available online at Ricky Paul Puckett's website. Show who you know is the real king, your savior, Jesus Christ. If you are looking to show your faith in your apparel and support a local talent who uses his talent to praise the Lord then buy the quality merchandise from Ricky Paul Puckett's website after enjoying his gospel songs. You can buy Jesus shirts for your whole family to wear to church picnics or Ricky Paul Puckett's next performance, or just supplement your casual wear with clothes that have a message you believe in. Sharing the faith is easy when you simply live life by the standards of love that Christ set long ago and these shirts are great conversation starters, as well as reminders of your favorite gospel songs and singers.

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