Gospel Singers

Gospel Singers With a Love For Jesus Can Bring Life Back to Your Ministry.

If you have been looking for ways to inspire your congregation, consider hiring a guest gospel singer one Sunday. Ricky Paul Puckett is a talented singer, songwriter, actor, troubadour and worship leader. He is a man who lives life to the fullest by fulfilling his calling. He says that he does not sing, so much as worship. Regardless of how he describes it, his voice is pure and his talent is plain when he opens his mouth or puts pen to paper.

Great gospel singers have a few things in common, talent, passion, and faith. You can see all of these things apparently in the songs written by Ricky Paul Puckett and in each of his live performances. He has many talents and shares them with the people around him. Schedule him one Sunday, Wednesday, for part of your summer or spring revivals this year, or as part of your next gospel music festival to enjoy one of Texas' great gospel singers of our time. Ricky Paul has sung on his own as lead at venues and as part of larger line-ups. He does not mind not being the headliner, but he can carry the event if needed as well.

His music is available through his CD King of Kings, on his website, and on YouTube. Check out his own written songs and marvel at his ability to turn a phrase. He is a poet, singer, and lover of Jesus and you can clearly see it and feel it in his ministry and his music alike. Your congregation, family reunion guests, school, nursing home residents, or park venue will all be pleased with your booking choice after hearing his songs and feeling his enthusiasm for the music and the message alike.