Country Gospel Songs

Country Gospel Songs May Be Just What You Needed To Lift Your Spirits Today.  Give Ricky Paul's music a listen.

Ricky Paul Puckett writes and performs country gospel songs that pull at the heartstrings, remind you of home and family, and show examples of God's love. You can find his Youtube Gospel Videos on his website and on Youtube. He is an example of an artist who uses his talent to showcase the love that Jesus Christ has for all of us. He does not just write and sing his songs on Youtube, although he does release great Youtube Gospel videos, he also performs them live to inspire people in his community to feel the love of Jesus.

His song, Mamma Knew How To Pray tells the story of a mom who cares enough about her children to take moments out of her day to talk to the Lord about them. Any parent with faith knows how vital this seemingly small act is in the lives of those children. Ricky Paul Puckett's song is gaining momentum across his Texas fan base and nationally because of his easy to understand concepts and easy to enjoy country gospel sound that brings to mind simpler times. His song, Broken Pieces is moving on an emotional level because it speaks to anyone who has felt like they are broken by something in their life and it shows faith because its main message is that the Lord can heal and repair that hurt and brokenness in us all. The song is moving on so many levels. He has many other songs and continues to work in the music ministry because he feels the spirit when performing and those who hear his music sense the truth in his lyrics.

If you want to enjoy his country gospel songs or other Youtube gospel videos check out his channel and you will find your spirit uplifted after a day of enjoying quality soul-enriching music by an artist who uses his God-given talent for good.